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Founded in 2003, our company is serving to all its customers with the principle of “maximum customer satisfaction”. We make a difference with our expertise besides our quality with the suggestions of the right products for the customers and also with special products. We are growing all together thanks to our technical know-how and our growing experience and all of the customers we handle individually. We are moving forward with innovative steps in the industry of marine and industrial coatings with our buy comparison contrast essay self reflection essay outline quality control department catching up with every mistake and non-stop working R & D department. As OMEGA family working with a team spirit, we add our business the power of communication with close relationships with both suppliers and customers. By registering our quality with ISO 9001: 2015 certificate and TSE certified products, we provide our customers with convenience and economical solutions with the FERRO brand in domestic and international arena. Our innovative vision is to provide high quality and fast service to our customers with our main targets.
Armor chemical industry is a company that knows the needs of the industry and offers the best quality, developing itself, being innovative, following the latest technology and the industry, established in Gebze organized industry in a closed area of ​​6500 square meters, with advanced machinery and experienced personnel.
Sartas Boya Vernik San.Tic.A.S. has started it's production with construction and industrial paints at Dudullu-Istanbul at 1980. Our company continues production in new industrial plant in Tuzla Kimya Sanayicileri Organize Sanayi Bolgesi with increased capacity and breed since 2004. Our company makes up a quality as principle and documented products with TSE at 1987. With the senses of quality which takes us one step further and also with the aim following all develepments of the era,documenting our company's quality in domestic and foreign markets we got ISO 9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 at 2005. Our company, making up the reasonable prices and honesty as principle, never compromises from sense of quality and performs it's production appropriate to quality standards. Demands that can occur after the production, our technic support will be provided as soon as possible by remembering our customer's needs.                                                                                                                                  We get in the foreground our customer’s gladness and this gladness must be always so we perform all of subjects under discussion. - Actually we want to work more productive that we always develop our production and service when we apply this subjects fastiditiously, planned and organized. - We supply our customer’s necessities with complete and without make concession besides this supply with charming price at the right time and in this competition area. - We make research and give education to our personel that increase individual participation for consumer’s necessity with their directions. - We follow the techological newness so we supply difference then the others because we have understnading of production which is out of the ordinary. - We supply to produce our productions all of subjects under discussion hand in hand with company’s personnel and we present our productions to our customers so we are productive. All of them our QUALITY POLITICS.
Founded in 1988, in its early years in the sector Betek Boya Kimya ve Sanayi A.S. developed the high-quality concrete admixtures, ready-mixed mortars, and waterproofing materials that were in high demand within the construction market. The company gained great momentum with the high amount of orders and well accepted effective sales and marketing systems. With the strength Betek gained from its experience in construction materials, it began to seek new markets and added construction paints to its product range. It was in 1993 when Betek Boya Kimya ve Sanayi A.S. first stepped into decorative coatings business as a result of its technological collaboration with DAW, the largest decorative coatings manufacturer in Europe. . This collaboration served as a milestone for both Betek and the Turkish paint industry as it paved the way for the company’s brand Filli Boya to bring the technological richness of Europe’s paint products to Turkish consumers. Being the first Turkish paint company to engage in manufacturing with a European partner, Betek also opened the door for the first foreign capital flow into the Turkish paint industry. Using cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, Betek gained a reputation as a “leading and innovative brand known for top quality manufacturing” with its products appealing to consumers and changing the game in the paint industry. This helped it to quickly become the most powerful and an exemplary company in the industry, and to strengthen its place as market leader in 2001. Betek has always believed in the importance of brand investment and made sustainable investments in this regard while it was climbing to its leading position. And these efforts resulted in the creation of Filli Boya – a brand which won the hearts of consumers. With almost 1,300 employees and over 5,000 sales points, Betek has made its mark in the sector and secured an important position not only in the paint sector but also among Turkey’s leading industrial enterprises. 2003 was an important cornerstone in the development of Betek Boya Kimya ve Sanayi A.S. This was the year of the beginning of its heat insulation activities and in which it took over the role as leader in this sector resulting from its operations, considered also as part of its social responsibility to the future development of its native country Turkey. Operating in accordance with international environmental protection and environmental health standards, Betek Boya Kimya ve Sanayi A.S. actually took the first step towards its environmental work in 1993 by adhering to EU paint standards, and has been managing its manufacturing and R&D processes accordingly ever since. Betek owns following management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 50001, IATF 16949.” In line with its mission to extend its domestic success beyond Turkey’s borders, Betek has a 11,000m2 production facility for paints in Egypt with a capacity of 26,000 metric tons. Betek has also opened manufacturing facilities in Kayseri and Balikesir where it manufactures all major heat insulation system products using the latest technologies and to the highest standards in order to meet Turkey’s insulation demands as awareness gradually increases.
Our company continues its investments in AR-GE department unconditionally and without limits, construction chemicals , epoxy and polyurethane floor coating systems,all materials are designed and produced by itself. In this context, we continue to develop new products.
HNF Chemicals is a producer of decorative and construction paints under the brand name of DEJA Paints. Our construction paints group consists of multiple varieties of water-based interiors, exteriors and primers. Our decorative paints group consists of a variety of different coatings including but not limited to concrete effects, marble effects, and pearlescent effects. With a minimum order quantity, we are able to produce any color in the RAL color chart. Paints are resistant to water and weather conditions, exhibit economic consumption rates and have an optimum coverage ability. As for the decorative coatings, using high quality metallic/pearlescent pigments, we have been able to produce and supply optimum quality decorative coatings.
The Polisan brand is widely known in glue and paint sectors. The name is derived from polyvinyl acetate (PVA) glue and the word sanayi (Turkish for industry). PVA is also one of the raw materials of paint. Thus, Polisan’s industrial journey has been first producing the binder of paint (glue) and then the highest quality paint from this binder. The founders of the company, the Bitlis family, started commercial operations in the 1920s as a merchandizing firm until the establishment of a fabric painting and knitting business called Sark Mensucat. In 1964, they entered the chemicals industry with the foundation of Polisan Chemical, which produced emulsifier resins. In 1985, paint production had begun under the Polisan brand. And during the next 33 years, the company went from strength to strength.
HEMEL was established in 1966 as a Turkish-British partnership. Since its foundation, HEMEL’s area of expertise has been rot and insect protection of wood and the supply of wood paints and varnish systems. Soon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its establishment in 2016 with its wood preservatives, interior and exterior wood paint and varnish products, HEMEL is the sector leader in the wood preservation industry known for its innovative technology products. Continuing its sales and marketing activities together with its technical consultancy in most significant projects in Turkey, HEMEL contributes added value to the sector and also exports its products to countries like the Netherlands, UK, Singapore, Brazil, Azerbaijan, and Cyprus. Since 2012, HEMEL continues its production in partnership with the Swiss Company Lonza and continues its R&D investments in the wood products industry to continue producing environment and human friendly green products for the future. Click for HEMEL® Corporote Brochure Vision To achieve the utilization of wood as a contemporary, widely used, and long lasting building material; In this context, to find the most accurate information, technologies and methods available; To offer these to the service of users and applicators; By training, enabling and motivating our workforce and sales partners for success. Mission Leaving a heritage of green forests and habitable cities to the coming generations by achieving the more efficient utilization of wood as a renewable material through the use of technology.
As Kazioz we manufacture and supply paint, water based products, water resistant matte silk, interior plastic paint, ceiling paint, exterior acrylic paint, exterior silicone paint, exterior textural covering, interior silicone primer, exterior silicone primer, solvent based products, rapid industrial paint, industrial primer, synthetic lux paint, synthetic primer, road paint, zinc loaded primer, oven paint, oven primer paint, acryl last layer paint, hammerton paint, epoxy primer, epoxy last layer paint, synthetic antirust... The brand Eges in the product of Katioz Boya Company. Beign established in 1976 by Ali Katioz, the company was focused on paint production and in 1986 it started the patent manufacturing of paints. The company quickly became one of the leaders in this area and still proves its reputation due to the quality of products. With the Katioz Boya paints life becomes more colorful and esthetic. The strategical focus of the company is paints and substructure materials, used in construction area. In 2007 the factory moved to the free industrial zone in Manisa, Muradiye. It is situated on 5.500m2. On the new place with the cutting edge equipment and innovative technologies, the factory manufactures 20 tons decorative paints and coating products per day. Due to the constant market research, the variety of products increases day by day.
Aware of the ever-increasing technology and increasing competition, Delta Kimya continues to grow as a follower of innovations without compromising its quality since its establishment in 1978. Delta Kimya, which started out in 1978 with the aim of selling and marketing of serigraphic inks, has began to paint and ink production since 1996, and became a pioneer in the industry, starting the production of odorless solvent-based screen printing inks n 2002, a first in Turkey . Having the distrubutorship of Nazdar in 2005 which is the best brand of screen printing inks in the world Delta Kimya implemented total quality management principle in the same year and obtained ISO 9001/2000 certificate and registered its quality in international standards. Aware of the ever-increasing technology and increasing competition, Delta Kimya continues to grow as a follower of innovations without compromising its quality since its establishment in 1978. Delta Kimya, which started out in 1978 with the aim of selling and marketing of serigraphic inks, has began to paint and ink production since 1996, and became a pioneer in the industry, starting the production of odorless solvent-based screen printing inks n 2002, a first in Turkey . Today, Delta Kimya conducts quality control of its products from its complete R & D laboratory at its production facilities in Tuzla and continues to develop different products and customized solutions in line with new demands from its business partners. Today, our company's product range includes solvent and UV based screen printing inks, paste paints, plastisols for various applications, rubber sidewall paints, PVC granule coloring paste paints, paints for game balls, scraper tires and pad printing silicones.
Motan Metal Kimya Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S. – founded by Mustafa Bakkaloglu in 1976- specialized in marketing, selling and distributing chemicals of the represented companies to the Paint, Ink, Rubber, Plastics and Flexible Packaging industries. Being one of the oldest trader company in the Turkish market, Motan has successfully developed itself in diversified range of products. The company follows up the latest developments and innovations in the sectors and attends international organizations. With the customer services and after-sales support unit, Motan’s motto has always been “Product of Good Quality, Service of Good Quality”
Renksan ltd company has established with Renkal name in Kemeralti in 1960, Renksan ltd company established for the purpose of eliminate construction materials and consumables, name has changed as Renksan ltd company in 1991, in Izmir Kemalpasa organized industrial zone, continuous activities and brand strengt with approach respectful and honest trade in new factory that has 12000 square meters. Renksan ltd company has improved product options and service quailities renewing itself since day it was established, has increased production options and service the fields of Flexo and Roto Printing Inks, construction paints, industrial paints, anti-corrosive paints, auto repair paints and marine paints. Renksan ltd company intend to high customer satisfaction therefore prepare long-term solutions to customer needs, presents user-oriented solutions, keeps R&D, technical support and sales&marketing activities together. Metal packaging production began for resolve box needs for paint production, has improved itself and established a factory for paint boxes. Apart from this Renksan ltd company improving itself in metal packaging sector as selling to foreign and domestic customers.
Sepra Boya, began water-based paints production in Bursa in 1996. In 1998, after receiving TSE certificates, placed on the market with all kinds products of construction and paint sector. In 2006, products placed on the market with in the framework of ISO 9001: 2000 quality standard document. Until recently, continued to grow stronger, has tagen its place among the elite brands in the Marmara region. Sepra Boya serve to their colleagues with wholesale dealers and sub-dealers. Our products are placed on the market, using advanced technology at our facilities, on time and reasonable prices. Production area is 4,000 m2 and annual capacity is 2,000 tons for today. We produce Water Based Interior and Exterior Wall Coatings, Texturlu Wall Coating and Lining, Synthetic Paints, Varnishes, antipasti and Linings, Industrial Rapid Paint & Primers, Epoxy Topcoat Coatings, Epoxy Coatings and Linings. Our dealers, wholesalers and retailers draw a growing sales chart every year in Turkey. We export to the Bulgaria, Iraq and Turkish Republics. Our aim is to increase the number of export markets with increased investments.